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TRUE BLOOD S02E10 .mp4 [metalpunk69]
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The episode begins with Sookie entering Eric's hotel room where she comforts Eric on the loss of his maker, Godric. This eventually leads to her and Eric kissing and as Eric proceeds to bite Sookie she wakes up to find herself in a car with Jason and Bill, who is in a travel coffin; it was only a dream. Upon entering Bon Temps, they see signs of chaos - the town has been ravaged and a man is seens banging his head on a beam and people are seen running after one another. The driver hits two people who are ammused about getting hit by the car. Jason and Sookie ask if they are OK at which time the two admit they are "looking for Sam" and say "it's almost time," before running away. Maryann is seen preparing for Sam's sacrifice in Sookie's yard with "Carl" & "Eggs." Sam is seen in Andy's hotel room where they discuss the madness occurring in Bon Temps, and the fact that Maryann is a "Maenad." Sam gets a phone call from an upset Arlene who says a "mob" has "Terry." Sam is skeptical but Arlene says Maryann is "Hanibal Lectar crazy" and Arlene is scared Maryann's going to get her kids. This convinces Sam to come to Merlotte's. At Bill's house, Maxine Fortenberry is possessed and being tended to by Jessica and Hoyt. She is ranting about the sacrifice, which is at Maryann's (Sookie's) home. Jason states he is going to Merlotte's to see what's going on. At first Bill & Sookie try to convince Jason to use his head and that he wants no part of this creature. Jason says "Mr. Compton, I am not going to sit back while monsters destroy my town." Bill reassures Sookie that Jason has proven he can handle himself. Hoyt also informs Sookie that Tara has been partying hard with Maryann. Sam arrives at Merlottes's with Andy to find Arlene and others who ambush him. The people of Bon Temps corner Andy and Sam in the freezer. Tara, bound to a chair, is at Lafayette's house, possessed. Lafayette and Lettie Mae try to snap her out of it. Tara continues to speak about the god coming for a sacrifice and she states: "he's on his way!" "He's gonna kills us all!" Bill and Sookie arrive at Sookie's house which is in disarray. Lafayette calls Sookie and urges her to leave. Maryann appears and asks Sookie what she is doing in her home. Sookie tells Maryann this is not her home and she is not scared of Maryann. Maryann slams her against the wall, allowing Sookie to see that it was Maryann who clawed her back. Bill grabs Marynn and throws her down, bites her neck, and immediately begins to vomit. A black liquid is seen oozing from Maryann's neck. Maryann approaches Sookie and says "what are you?" Sookie says "none of your business" and puts her hand in Maryann's face. A bright light is seen coming out of Sookie's palm, lighting up the front of Maryann's face, stopping Maryann. Sookie grabs Bill and they run out. Maryann seems to have enjoyed the experience and continues to say "what are you" as Sookie and Bill leave. Jason enters Merlotte's loaded with a chainsaw and nail gun. After an unsuccesful attemp at getting the people's attention, Jason punches Terry and puts Arlene in a headlack, threatening to shoot her with nails. Terry shouts "Wait! Don't hurt my special lady!" Terry asks what is Jason's demands. Jason says he will give Arlene back once everyone leaves. Terry gives the order as if he's back in the Marines and everyone leaves. Sam and Andy are rescued by Jason in the freezer. Bill continues to vomit out of the window while Sookie drives them to his house, still not understanding how she resisted Mary-ann. Bill asks for Sookie's wrist so he can "heal." Jason talks strategy to get out of the bar, but is too slow. The Mob breaks the windows and threatens the small group. Tara is seen chanting a phrase repeatedly, "lo lo Bromios, lo lo Dendrites, Eleutherios, Enorches, Bacchus." Lafayette slaps her in the face and tells her to "snap the fuck out of it," but she continues. Bill and Sookie arrive as a girl knocks on Lafayette's door looking to buy some "V." Bill gets angry, orders the girl to leave by showing his fangs, and approaches Lafayette angrily before Lafayette says "talk to your boy Eric, he has me pushing the shit!" Sookie approaches a blacked out, vicious, Tara, and tries to read her mind. Sookie tries, seeing only brief flashes of Maryann, and none of Taras thoughts. Bill says he will glamour her so Sookie can get deeper into her mind. At Merlotte's, realizing Maryann will not stop until she gets him, Sam gives himself up to the mob of people. The mob ties up Sam to a car outside. Jason appears with flares and a mask, convincing the possessed mob he is the "God who comes!" He thanks the mob for their good work promising them "good weather" and "lots of crops!" Sam tells Jason ("The God who comes") to "smite him." As Jason screams "Sam Merlotte!" "Die!" Sam then shape-shifts into a fly, disappearing and appearing dead to the crowd. Jason asks the mob if they are "happy," to which yhey say "yes" and Jason tells the mob to leave because the job is done. Jason and Andy wonder what has happened to Sam before he re-appears after the mob is gone with a fire extinguisher and vows to "explain later" and asks Andy and Jason to "help me put out these fuckin' flares before they start a fire." Andy sips from the bottle of alcohol saying "that's the last drink I'll ever take!" Bill glamours Tara while Sookie looks into her mind and sees the events where Tara is blacked-out. Tara's eyes return to normal. Tara begins crying and thinks she's "crazy!" She apologizes to her mom who says "I knew it wasn't you baby!" Tara sees Lafayette and gives him a big hug before she exclaims that she needs to get Eggs. But Lafayette restrains her and says "no!" Sookie and Bill speak outside about the chaos coming completely from Maryann, stating that Maryann wants more than their hearts, she "wants their souls." Bill remembers reading about maenads in the past, figuring Maryann might be one. He says he knows of one vampire that "might" know how to defeat her. Bill says he must leave right away and go see her alone. He kisses Sookie goodbye and leaves. Back at Bill's house, Hoyt and Jessica struggle to restrain Maxine from going to Merlotte's. She repeatedly insults Jessica, and Jessica's anger rises and her fangs come out. Maxine continues to taunt her. Jessica races over to Maxine, pushing Hoyt out of the way and says "give me one good reason why I shouldn't drain you dry?" Maxine continues with insults and Jessica bites down on her, much to the distress of Hoyt. Bill is seen arriving at the queen's lair. A beautiful home with bodyguards at each entrance. Upon entering, he looks shocked, and a bloody foot is seen dangling from the throne. 


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